Children and strengthening the immune system: Tips for a healthy child's immune system

Children and strengthening the immune system: Tips for a healthy immune system in children with Oxymel

Children are constantly exposed to new environmental factors that challenge their immune systems. A strong immune system is crucial to keeping them healthy and active. In addition to a balanced diet and regular exercise, Oxymel, a traditional elixir, can also help strengthen the child's immune system.

What is Oxymel?

Oxymel is a historic blend of vinegar and honey known for its health-promoting properties. This natural substance contains antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes that can strengthen the immune system. For children aged one year and over, Oxymel can be a gentle and natural way to support the immune system.

How Oxymel supports children's immune systems

Oxymel can help strengthen children's immune systems in several ways:

  1. Natural vitamins and antioxidants : Honey is rich in natural vitamins and antioxidants that are important for child immunity.
  2. Promoting digestion : Vinegar in Oxymel can improve digestion, which in turn strengthens the immune system, as a large part of the immune system is located in the intestines.
  3. Gentle Support : Unlike some stronger medicinal formulations, Oxymel is gentle and therefore safe for children to consume.

Tips for a healthy child's immune system

  • Balanced diet : A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins provides the nutrients necessary for a strong immune system.
  • Regular exercise : Physical activity not only strengthens the body but also the immune system.
  • Enough sleep : Adequate, high-quality sleep is crucial for developing a strong immune system.
  • Hygiene practices : Regular handwashing and basic hygiene habits are important to avoid infections.
  • Oxymel : Incorporate Oxymel into your child's daily routine, for example by adding it to tea or water.


Strengthening children's immune systems is an important aspect of their overall development. With a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, enough sleep and the addition of natural aids such as Oxymel, you can naturally support your child's immune system. Remember to always consult a pediatrician before introducing any new supplements or diet changes.