Our flowers: Naturally wild.

Herbal extract with a difference in altitude: wild herbs hand-processed directly from 1,500m above sea level!
Oxymel Wildkräuter Kräuterauszug
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Craft meets tradition

What is Oxymel?

The term Oxymel comes from Greek and means sour honey (oxy= sour, meli = honey). If you research historical medical literature you will also find terms such as: Oxymel scilliae, Oxysacchare and Oxymelite. Oxymel has a special taste and composition of ingredients.

In many countries, people still use Oxymel to support their health . It is known to be used in Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, Mediterranean and Middle East.

Our blossoms taste refreshing, tart and fruity and can be used in a variety of ways. Our customers like to drink it straight, in water, with breakfast in porridge or shake.

We prefer to drink it neat.

Eine Braunglasflasche mit dem Inhalt BLÜHT OXYMEL ENERGIE wird von einer jungen Frau in kurzer Kleidung in die Kamera gehalten. Die Flasche sieht hochwertig aus
Der Gründer Sebastian schenkt einem Mann Oxymel Blüht in ein Glas. Der Mann schaut gespannt auf das Glas Oxymel Blüht Immun

Our ingredients

Blooms combines the strengths of honey, apple cider vinegar and herbs. We connect the Black Forest with the Zillertal.

Honey from the Black Forest from small family businesses

Naturally cloudy organic apple cider vinegar from Karlsruhe.

Hand-picked wild herbs are collected at over 1,500 - 2,000m. Everything personally from our herbal specialist Joseph in his hometown, the Zillertal.

Hand-picked wild herbs

Made with love in the heart of the Black Forest


50 day guarantee

Top customer service