5 tips for the perfect production of Oxymel

Oxymel, the traditional elixir of honey and vinegar, is becoming increasingly popular as a natural remedy. If you want to make Oxymel yourself, quality and care are crucial. Here are 5 essential tips to create a perfect Oxymel.

1. Use high quality raw materials

The quality of your Oxymel depends largely on the raw materials used. Use raw, unprocessed honey, which is rich in enzymes and nutrients. The vinegar should also be raw and unprocessed to provide the full health benefits.

2. Find the right ratio

The classic ratio of honey to vinegar in Oxymel is 1:4. However, this ratio can vary depending on personal taste and intended use. Experiment to find your perfect mix.

3. Gentle mixing

Patience is required when mixing honey and vinegar. Stir gently to preserve the natural properties of honey and vinegar. Mixing too vigorously can destroy the delicate structures.

4. Herbal additives for extra effect

Herbs can add additional health benefits and flavors to your Oxymel. Think about which herbs best suit your purpose, e.g. B. Thyme for the respiratory tract or lavender for relaxation.

5. Let it ripen patiently

Oxymel needs time to develop its full power. Allow your Oxymel to mature in a cool, dark place for at least two weeks. The longer it steeps, the more intense the aromas and healing properties become.

Conclusion: Making Oxymel is an art that requires patience and care. With these tips you can make an Oxymel that not only tastes good, but also promotes your well-being. Try it out and discover the wonderful world of natural remedies.

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