Southern Italy travel diary of a family

Our journey as a family with BLOOMING


Before we get to our current status, I would like to briefly tell you what happened this year.
We filled the first bottles of BLÜHT in Jan '23 and have now sold all the bottles at the end of the year. We've been going full throttle for 1.5 years, alongside the baby and full-time job.
There was no break in sight, but a vision.  
In September we spontaneously decided what we were going to do. We gave up on the apartment without knowing where and how we would finance our lives professionally.
BLÜHT is going well, but you have to remember that more is being reinvested in the initial period.

We also noticed how much everyday life in Germany is destroying us, that the interaction of everything is pulling us more and more into a hole.
Pulling the ripcord, giving up everything and finally doing what we've been thinking about for years - long overdue.

We did it. Everything was sold, the apartment was canceled, the job was quit and a free fall full of trust into the void.

The beautiful thing is that the emptiness brings something very big with it. Namely NEW possibilities, and we then took advantage of them directly.

We arrived on our island in southern Italy two weeks ago and are absolutely looking forward to telling more about our everyday life.

We will also have one Make an annual review for you. That will follow shortly. That's where we'll get out of this Chatting in the sewing box 😃
What the year was like for us.

Do you have any questions? Simply contact us directly via Instagram. We look forward to the exchange.

Best regards
Basti & Julia🌿