Travel diary to southern Italy

Our journey as a family with BLOOMING

We'll take you with us

Due to the many changes both privately and at BLÜHT, we received a lot of feedback from you.
We have therefore decided to take it with us on our trip and will now keep you updated weekly. 
The last two months have been very turbulent, and we have gave up everything. The apartment, our own environment and we drove our car to the other end of Europe.

We were on the road for three days and have now discovered island life in Italy.
But that's not the end, the journey begins right now. We will now get to know a different place every month and continue to discover new countries.

We'll take you up close and, of course, see what develops like at BLÜHT.
What challenges are currently facing and what is new.
It will be safe funny, varied and inspiring become.

Do you have any questions? Then just write us a message on Instagram or email.
We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

PS: Are you Italian or do you have friends? Please let us know, we love new connections! We also have BLÜHT with us for a drink together! 😂
Kind regards from Italy 🌴
Basti & Julia