Secret tips for Sicily

Just in advance, we as a family never had this island on our radar. Until it came to where we wanted to spend the “winter”. Sicily is one of the warmest countries in Europe at this time and therefore the decision to go to this island was rather spot on. Our expectations were far exceeded!

We will share our tips on the beach, food and discovery exclusively with you today.

Important to mention: We were definitely in Sicily in the off-season. The peak travel season is July-August. Lt. For locals , the most beautiful and quietest time is May-June & October-November. So if you are somewhat flexible, you should set your travel time accordingly.

We were on the island for a total of 2 months . We spent the first month in the south-west and the second month in the south-east, so we only have the best tips from the region. (The regions are also the most popular travel region for Sicilians and Italians).

If we were to come to Sicily again and take a vacation, it would definitely be in places like Syracuse, Marina de Ragusa or Trapani.
This has the following reasons:
Syracuse is a mix of Greek and Italian, which has a historical background. The atmosphere, the sea and the city are incredible and what impressed us the most was the feeling.

Marina de Ragusa is THE PLACE where all Sicilians go for their summer vacation, the very touristy but also picturesque place. Very clean, beautiful and many interesting cities just a stone's throw away. Like: Ragusa or Modica

Trapani is the most beautiful place in the East (in our opinion) wonderful beautiful city with a lot of flair and great architecture. We especially ate the best cornetti (crossaint) there.

Top beach tips from a local who searches for the best beaches on the island every year:

Marina de Ragusa
Spiaggia di San Lorenzo Beach
San Vito Lo Capo
Riserva Naturale Orientata dello Zingaro
Lampedusa (separate island)
We had our best meal on the island here:
Mazara de Vallo:
Lo Schiticchio native Italian
Olio Accomando (our best olive oil so far)

In Piazzetta, great pasta!
CUMA Natural Bar & Fresh Market

Sglutinando Trapani gluten free - glute-free bakers
Il Tortellino - Best Crossaint in Sicily

The local market
Piazza Doumo - incredible sandwiches

Fish market, generally the entire local market
Soooo, a lot of information. We tried to keep everything short, which is very difficult when it's been over two months. If you have any questions, contact us directly!
Would you like us to do this special for the next country too? Then please let us know.

Sunny greetings and lots of love
Basti & Julia🌿