The world's best pizza in southern Italy

Our journey as a family with BLOOMING

We found the world's best pizza

Last time we talked about pasta heaven. Now we have eaten by far the best pizza on the island.
For everyone who loves mortadella and pistachios, like us, then this island in Italy is the absolute dream place.
We changed accommodation.
And are very disappointed. 👀

This week was both departure and arrival day at the new accommodation. We were really happy because our wish was to travel for the next few months and not just stay in one place. 🚗

So we packed our things and drove about 4 hours to the other end of the island 🏝️, with the thought in mind that our accommodation was right by the sea.
The drive was amazing, with flocks of birds, sheep, football-sized potholes, closed roads and the best pizza ever, it was all there.
By the way, we found the pizza shop spontaneously on the way and didn't have high expectations. The surprise was even nicer. We will soon summarize all addresses in our 😀 TOP tips . Then you have a little insider guide for your next vacation. 🌴
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But well, we really forgot to take another look, because we booked the accommodation MONTHS ago!

Instead of being right by the sea, we now have a sea view and a beautiful pool. The accommodation is really great. Since the weather is sunny most of the time, everything is even more fun.🌸
The playgrounds here are real play oases and you feel more like you are in a children's mega fun park 😅
It's really great because there's something for everyone.

The nearest major city looks incredible in the pictures, so much that has been preserved. We will take a closer look at this in the next few days and report back.
Now it's time to arrive, take a deep breath and enjoy the incredible beach, the weather and the surroundings.
Do you have any questions? Simply contact us directly via Instagram. We look forward to the exchange.

Best regards
Basti & Julia🌿